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HomeContact is a quick, no-nonsense way for schools and organisation to communicate with parents en masse either by e-mail or text message with information, messages and reminders being sent directly to their e-mail inboxes or mobile phones - all in a matter of seconds.

HomePay, an online payment collection service for school and organisations is also integrated into the HomeContact system enable parents to pay for trips, clubs and activities online via debit or credit card quickly and easily.

Supported networks for Text Messaging:
Mobile networks for SMS Text messaging for Schools and Organisations Mobile networks for SMS Text messaging for Schools and Organisations

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"HomeContact is a fantastic way to communicate with parents. It saves me so much time, not only because it enables me to contact large groups of parents at once, but also because it is so simple to use and has cut back on the amount of paperwork. So many of our parents comment on how convenient HomeContact is. They feel that they are well informed and kept up to date with relevant information. HomeContact is a must for any modern school." Claire Harries, School Secretary, St Aubyns School, Brighton.

"HomeContact is so easy to use and makes communication with parents more efficient and reliable. The support at HomeContact is very good and the system is very user friendly" Cathy Finch, School Business Manager, Chyngton School, East Sussex.

"Very quick and efficient. Enabled us to reduce paper copies considerably." Janice Maund, School Business Manager, Wansdyke School, Wiltshire.
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"Fantastic service! At least now I know I won't miss things in school due to the letters not reaching home! Really pleased, Thanks." Jayne Smith, Parent, Lyneham Primary School, Wiltshire.

"Great system of communication - I receive information I need to know as I need to know it rather than finding a screwed up letter in the bottom of my daughters bag that has passed the response date." Sylvia Cheeseman, Parent, South Cave School, East Yorkshire.

"Finally a system that means I don't miss out on vital information from school! Much appreciated the text's about the school being closed due to snow too! Well done...keep it up!" Mark Sharp, Parent, St Mary's School, Wokingham.